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Flush harmful chemicals and stress-related toxins from your system


Each cleanse includes 96 oz of fluids per day


A caffeine-free way to increase alertness and improve vitality


Allow your system to reboot with a flood of nutrients


Protect your cells, improve your heart health, and lower your risk of infection

Weight Loss

A calorie-reducing, craving-controlling solution

How to Cleanse

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced juicer feel free to start where you are. We suggest you lean into your juice cleanse by taking a few days to eat clean and eliminate all processed foods. Perhaps a few mini half day cleanses is where you start. Don’t worry we will help you along the way. Please ask us about our half day cleanses: four juices with a soup or salad $50.

In order to fit all 6 juices into your day, we recommend drinking them in 2 hour increments. If this is too overwhelming, don’t worry! Slow it down a notch. We want you to have a positive cleansing experience. The New Moon team is here for you every step of the way!

We offer 1-3-5 day cleanses.

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There is no better time than NOW to start living healthy.

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