Our Story


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We are a homegrown, family-owned company with a passion for health and wellness. We educate others about the connection between foods and lifestyle choices,  with how we energize our bodies. We believe that what we eat and drink directly affects how we feel and ultimately fuels our purpose for the day. : )

A Labor of Love

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At New Moon Market, we are more than just juicers. Our handmade blends and labor-of-love recipes are cold-pressed and packed with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that are sourced locally when possible. We also serve breakfast bowls, superfood smoothies, salads, soups and plant-based desserts for the hungry health nut. Our unique cold-press process “presses” the maximum amount of juice and nutrients out of the produce into a chemical-free, fully recyclable glass bottle. 

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Health, Happiness, and the Journey

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We are here to serve you! As a member of this community, we are excited to share our passion for healthy, affordable, handcrafted, organic goodness with our neighbors. The key is listening to what your body is telling you, while fueling it with what you need to live WELL! 

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We send our greatest gratitude to Tim and Diana Moon. Tim, the man who makes dreams possible, has helped countless people bring their aspirations to life. Diana – the rock. Behind every successful man there is a woman.