What OUR TEAM is About

We are a homegrown, family-owned company with a passion for health and wellness as it relates to educating others about the connection between foods and lifestyle choices with how we energize our bodies. We believe that what we eat and drink directly affects how we feel and ultimately fuels our purpose for the day.

Our goal at New Moon Market is to serve our community the freshest juices each day in the most eco-friendly way. In each serving, we strive to deliver maximum health benefits that are both delicious and affordable. To better serve the individual, we also offer a customizable menu to meet you where your taste buds and dietary needs may lead! 


At New Moon Market, it's not just about JUICE. Our handmade blends and labor of love recipes are cold-pressed and packed with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that are sourced locally when possible.

What’s cold-pressed you ask? It’s a process that “presses” the maximum amount of juice and nutrients out of the produce to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck with each and every sip. There are no GMOS, additives, or preservatives in our products and has not been pasteurized. At our juice bar location, we serve breakfast bowls, superfood smoothies, salads, soups and plant-based desserts for the busy person on the go! 

Your SOLUTION To Better Health

We are here to serve you! As a member of this community, we are excited to share our passion for healthy, affordable, handcrafted, organic goodness with our neighbors. It's all about listening to what your body is telling you, while fueling it with what you need to live WELL! It's a process, and one that we hope you will use our knowledge and New Moon Juices to help you in your journey. 

Many of us want to eat better but aren’t always able to get the adequate amount of fruit and vegetables that our body craves. WE CAN HELP! Did you know that our 16oz juice is packed with 3-5lbs of produce? Your body will thank you later. We also offer juice cleanses to help you return to a clean way of living and jumpstart you on the road to experiencing your life with more spring in your step. 



(407) 440-8147

Juice Bar LocatioN 

2314 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804


M-F 7a-6p

Saturday 8a-5p

Sunday 10a-2p



Juice Bar Location

Closed July 4


M-F 7a-6p

Saturday 8a-5p

Sunday 10a-2p

New Moon Market

2314 Edgewater Drive  Orlando, FL 32804

Phone (407) 440-8147


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