Why New Moon Market?

Our goal at New Moon Market is to serve the the freshest, eco-friendly juices to promote every day health and wellness in the Orlando area. Our handmade juice blends are a labor of love. All recipes are cold-pressed and/or packed with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that are locally sourced when possible. 

Organic  •  Locally Sourced  •  Juice Bar

A Premium Product

Each of our freshly pressed juices are extracted directly from clean organic produce. Unpasteurized, GMO-free, zero additives, no preservatives.

In Glass Bottles

At New Moon, we stay loyal to our eco-friendly core by delivering each juice in 100% recyclable, chemical-free glass bottles.

Locally Sourced

We take pride in pressing locally grown produce whenever possible. The shorter the distance from farmer to juicer, the better.

Clean Start to Finish

A single juice contains your daily dose of nutrients, as well as giving you a jumpstart to clean living. We can help improve your digestive system, heart health, and energy levels. 

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Our juice bar is located in College Park, but we serve all of greater Orlando. Including the Winter Park and Lake Mary areas.