Our Story

Our Story

Nothing Artificial. Just like their ingredients.

If you’re a fan of warmth and hospitality, we invite you to join the New Moon Market family. Jennifer and Huggy spend their days love crafting organic cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies, salads and soups, educating customers on the food-health connection and making great friends in the process. 

Secret Ingredient? No Shortcuts.

If you were to ask us for our formula for success, the answer would be short and simple: “We go the extra mile.”

First, New Moon Market’s unique cold-pressed process “presses” the maximum amount of juice and nutrients out of the produce. Second, all of our juices and smoothies are served in a chemical free, recyclable glass bottle or eco friendly cup. And we make our almond milk from scratch. Why you ask? Homemade almond milk not only tastes better, but its also better for you.